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High-Purity Quartz & Silicon Wafers

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Ausquartz is one of GSTX’s  recently acquired businesses operating in the high-purity quartz (HPQ) sector. This includes HPQ sand and quartz crucibles, essential for the solar energy and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

The Steps to a Silicon Wafer

From HPQ sand to silicon wafers. Here is the journey toward a brighter, energy-conscious future.

Direct Jobs
2770 +

A guiding principle for GSTX is to manufacture in the markets where we sell. Domestic silicon wafer manufacturing enables downstream solar cell and solar panel manufacture. Economic development is also an important outcome of our domestic manufacturing strategy – a 3GW-wafer plant will create approximately 4,000 direct jobs.

The Ausquartz Advantage

With its affiliated operations GSTX has HPQ sand, HPQ crucibles and wafer manufacturing expertise. It has the three key, and necessary, building blocks to establish plants in various countries. 

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