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About GSTX

Who we are

Our commitment to both business and the environment

We are dedicated to creating enduring value at GSTX, leveraging our group of wholly owned companies to drive environmental, economic and social progress.

We are focused on increasing shareholder value and liquidity by delivering demonstrable and consistent growth in revenue, income, and assets.

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In Alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

Our targeted investments in energy and water businesses are in harmony with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  With a global emphasis on the transition to net zero emissions by 2030-2050, environmentally sustainable industries will be essential for life as we know it.

Learn more about the United Nation’s SDG program here.  

Our vision at GSTX is to become a global leader in the renewable energy and water harvesting sectors. We aim to manufacture in the markets we serve, driving job creation in domestic manufacturing industries.

By delivering cutting-edge technology and fostering strong community and regulatory engagement, we aim to provide clean energy and access to clean water for all.

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