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Our Technology

Developing materials and technologies


Graphene & Solar Technologies Ltd (GSTX) is a strategic investment group developing materials and technologies focused on energy and water for a sustainable future – environmental, social and financial. Initial investments in the clean-tech sector include solar energy and atmospheric water generation. GSTX’s affiliated investments in high-purity quartz sand and crucibles, enabling silicon wafer production, can provide a reliable, competitive alternative to the current industry supply chain.

Critical Resources & HPQ Sand Mining

Leveraging our expertise in the high-purity quartz (HPQ) sector by producing HPQ sand and quartz crucibles crucial for solar energy and semiconductor manufacturing.

Graphene Color GSTX.png
Graphene Color GSTX.png

Water Technologies

Dedicated to harnessing the potential of atmospheric water generation, providing an innovative solution that ensures clean water for all.

Advancements in Solar Energy Systems

With a strong focus on silicon wafer manufacturing and a strategic advantage in essential materials, we aim to establish domestic manufacturing plants, creating new jobs and contributing to energy security while aligning with global efforts to achieve net-zero emissions.

Graphene Color GSTX.png
Graphene Color GSTX.png

Transparent Conductive Thin Film

Offering advanced technologies in the transparent conductive thin film (TCF) sector. Used for EMI shielding, anti-ice/defogging, and transparent antennas

Metal Fuel Combustion

Developing and commercializing proprietary metal fuel combustion technologies.

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