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Now a wholly owned GSTX company

USTF has adopted a new strategy to accelerate business development, with an initial focus on electro-magnetic (EMI) shielding and heating applications with short-term revenue potential.

Nanotechnologies that Outperform

US Thin Film Corporation has exclusive rights to a family of patents for Transparent Conductive Thin Films used in EMI shielding, anti-ice/defogging and transparent antennas. Its nanotechnologies outperform traditional materials in the sector, offering greater conductivity and transparency.

EMI Shielding
Anti-Ice & Defogging
Transparent Antennas


Our transparent thin film offers 10 times the electrical conductivity of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and other traditional materials. 

Setting a New Standard for Quality

US Thin Film’s unique method uses silver and other high-quality metal particles to form a conductive pattern, allowing for cost-effective transparent conductive thin film with outstanding conductivity, transparency and versatility in applications.

New U.S.-based contract manufacturer for sample production & variants.

Identifying new market applications and new partners / customers.

New novel 3D application technique identified.

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