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Letter From Our Ceo


Letter from Our CEO, Jason May

Graphene & Solar Technologies Ltd. (“GSTX”) is pleased to confirm that, following a corporate restructure and general strategic review, it has relaunched business activities. Over the past six months, GSTX assessed its business activities and redefined its mission. GSTX has brought all mandated financial filings up to date and is now current in its reporting obligations with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). GSTX common shares trade under the ticker symbol “GSTX” on OTC Markets on the Pink Tier. Moving forward, management is fully committed to following best practices regarding corporate governance and operations in its business sectors.

  As part of the renewed strategy, GSTX will focus on strategic investments in businesses (“Group of Companies” or “Group”) operating in two key sectors:

Energy: renewable energy, predominantly solar.

Water: systems providing drinking water harvested from the atmosphere.

These sectors align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); are essential to life as we know it; leverage the Group’s core skills; and align with a focus on delivering sustainable, impactful business for all shareholders and stakeholders.

GSTX will focus on building a portfolio of strategic investments in the energy and water sectors with a range of short- and medium-term market catalysts. Key objectives for the investment criteria are:

  • Strong business fundamentals (sustainable business model, products and a plan)
  • Strong alignment with the United Nations’ SDGs.
  • Businesses oriented towards manufacturing and advanced materials.
  • Low, or very manageable, technology risk with an experienced team.
  • High margins, high returns.
  • High growth, strategic markets
  • Clear pathway to revenue
  • Short timeframe to revenue (12-18 months).

Management is committed to building sustainable value in GSTX and its Group of Companies (environmental, economic, and social). Management is focused on: demonstrable and significant growth in its revenue, assets, and income; increasing liquidity in GSTX share trading, and increasing GSTX share value.

Management has conducted initial discussions with two firms to sponsor GSTX as a market maker, including filing the FINRA Form 211 to enable broader trading of GSTX common shares. GSTX also plans to uplist from the OTC Markets Pink Tier to the OTC Markets QB Exchange as soon as possible. Medium-term objectives will be to uplink GSTX to NASDAQ, or even to the New York Stock Exchange, once GSTX grows and can meet the listing requirements. GSTX expects to be able to meet those requirements based on its plan of growth for operations, revenue, and income.

Jason May

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