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We are committed to building sustainable value in GSTX through our wholly owned group of companies, in the environmental, economic and social sectors. We’re focused on demonstrable and significant growth in revenue, assets and income; increasing liquidity in GSTX share trading, all while endeavoring to help our world at large. 

Our Subsidiaries



US Thin Film

MOx Energy


Ausquartz manufactures high-purity quartz sand: an essential raw material for all solar and semiconductor products.

With our strong team of world experts, Ausquartz has established a patented beneficiation process that allows our product to be used in high-tech markets (optics, solar, semiconductors).

Almost 1/3 of the world’s population is living in areas of high-water stress and shortages. This includes 40 of the US states. Adaquo uses (AWG) Atmospheric Water Generation units to condense water from the atmosphere and provide clean, drinkable water to consumers and businesses alike.  

US Thin Films produces transparent conductive thin films for use by high-tech manufacturers in a range of industries.

Our patented technology  is up to 10x more cost effective than current and emerging technologies.

MOx Energy is developing and commercializing proprietary metal fuel combustion technologies.

MOx Energy is developing and commercializing proprietary metal fuel combustion technologies.

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Our vision at GSTX is to become a global leader in the renewable energy and water harvesting sectors. We aim to manufacture in the markets we serve, driving job creation in domestic manufacturing industries.

By delivering cutting-edge technology and fostering strong community and regulatory engagement, we aim to provide clean energy and access to clean water for all.
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Making Technology Green

With a renewed focus on silicon wafer manufacturing for solar panels, the company aims to reduce supply chain risks and support sustainability goals.

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Commited to our investors

Through strategic investments in renewable energy and innovative technologies we strive to deliver substantial growth and enhance share value for our stakeholders.

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We are dedicated to building a sustainable future, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, and offering innovative solutions for essential global needs.

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